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Making Wedding Planning Easier through Ebooks and Audiobooks

While a wedding may be one of the most anticipated days in your life, any engaged couple would agree that the months leading up to it are equally stressful. Despite a majority (96%) of couples worrying about their special day, Brides magazine’s article on handling wedding planning stress comes in handy, reminding you to communicate, create a plan B, and make time for self-care. But beyond these science-backed tips, you can also turn to ebooks and audiobooks to make wedding planning easier. Fortunately, you can have unlimited access to millions of electronic and audio resources hosted on a digital audiobook and ebook service. Everand’s digital library contains everything from best-sellers by Roxane Gay and Stephen King to guides written by wedding planners with years of experience in the industry, such as the Wedding Checklist by Ashlie Gilbret (see below). Aside from a free 30-day trial and an affordable subscription fee, Everand supports offline reading, so you can go through these books while you’re on the way to meet vendors and confirm plans. That said, here are some ebook and audiobook recommendations to help you with planning the wedding of your dreams:

The planning phase involves not only grand decisions like the wedding date and venue but even small details like the invitation. And as covered in a previous post about ‘Choosing the Perfect Wedding Invitation Style’, many steps go into ensuring that the invitation matches the wedding’s overall theme and tone, from knowing the various styles to considering your personalities as a couple. In this light, Elizabeth McKellar helps you ensure you cover all the bases and stay organized through to-do lists and tips. The Little Book of Wedding Checklists is also divided into easy-to-navigate sections like attire, venue, vendors, and décor.

Wedding Checklist by Ashlie Gilbret

Ashlie Gilbret’s Wedding Checklist puts a spin on the previous title’s penchant for organized lists and sections by ensuring that its tips can help you have the perfect wedding without breaking the bank. This audiobook covers budget-friendly ways to decide on your wedding attire, catering, flower arrangements, and venue photographers and videographers. Wedding budgets usually account for the honeymoon, too, so make sure to read until the last chapter to save money on all your wedding costs!

A Practical Wedding by Meg Keene

As the founder of the popular wedding planning website, Meg Keene is guaranteed to help you create a celebration that reflects your taste and your relationship. Drawing from her expertise, Keene shares secrets on determining your priorities as a couple, communicating your decisions to your family, and creating a color-coded spreadsheet. Ultimately, the book aims to offer creative ideas for a fun yet sensible and stress-free wedding.

Equally Wed by Kirsten Palladino

For LGBTQ+ couples, wedding planning can be especially tricky since there are still vendors who discriminate against marginalized genders and sexualities. As such, the Equally Wed website includes a directory of inclusive and/or queer-owned businesses that can smoothen the planning process. Helpful tips and insights from this website are also collated in the book of the same title, written by the website creator Kirsten Palladino and ultimately dedicated to LGBTQ+ couples who need inspiration for the wedding of their lifetimes. Regardless of which title you choose to read or listen to, remember to treat the wedding planning process like a book whose pages and chapters you have to fully cherish. Don't rush, take it day by day, and don't be afraid to ask for help from family and friends when you're feeling stuck. Here at Paper Daisies, we hope to make your special day all the more unforgettable by helping design and create paper goods for all types of wedding themes and celebrations. Head to the rest of the Paper Daisies website to learn more about our offerings.

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