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2021 Weddings Trends

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

As we look back on 2020, it has been a year full of reflection. And with that comes a new level self-awareness, defining what’s most important. To that end, we’ll see in the upcoming year weddings that are rich with personal style and incredible attention to detail. While we all continue to adjust in this pandemic, the wedding industry continues to evolve with welcome creativity.


If this past year has taught us one thing, it’s to forge ahead the best way you know how. In 2021 we’ll see couples forego traditions, making their own rules for their day.

With wedding stationery we’ll see old conventions broken, such as the continued reduction in the use of inner envelopes. Though this tradition once served a purpose, we will see many couples spend those dollars on their invitation suite in more meaningful ways. One might forego the inner envelope and replace that with a wax seal and an envelope liner or high end press techniques.

Modern wedding invitation suite with wax seal, vellum and leather cord

Statement Motif

Save the Dates and wedding invitations will continue to remain a priority when it comes to setting the event tone. We’ll see the aforementioned intentionality dictate a very custom design motif – one that is personalized specifically for the couple. Custom designed motifs, also referred to as wedding logos, can be as simple and stunning as a beautiful 2-letter interlocking monogram used throughout the suite. Or it could be a more elaborate watercolor crest design coupled with soft, romantic, or rich florals and a custom script monogram. Motifs that are inspired by location can also provide great design direction for the rest of the suite.

2-letter interlocking monogram

Custom floral crest with script monogram

Wedding motif inspired by location

For many, commissioning a boutique stationer may be the best first step. If budget allows, a stationer can start from scratch with a custom, one-of-a-kind invitation suite tailored to the couple’s style and event tone. And with so many tools to personalize pre-designed invitations these days, making this happen on a budget is easier than ever.

Personalized Touch

In 2021, we’ll see a lot of fun and excitement generated around personalizing the many details of the wedding. Welcome boxes will be filled not only with the necessities of sanitizers and customized masks, but also a carefully curated set of goods that tells a couple’s story. We’ll see more and more personalized items with tags and stickers as well as items that are fully customized to further enhance the design motif, or wedding brand.

Well-curated wedding welcome bag

Custom welcome bag with wedding motif
Personalized welcome bag for wedding guests

We’ll also see a lot of couples gifting their guests. These tokens may vary in size and cost due to the number of wedding invitees. For ideas on what to give, couples can lean on their shared passions and hobbies. For example, a pair who might have a shared passion for wine could consider giving a bottle of their favorite bubbly to each guest tagged with a special thanks.

Custom monogramed wedding champagne favor
Custom matchbox and cigar wedding give-away

Custom cocktails will also be a great way to personalize at the reception. Each cocktail is an opportunity to tell a little story about the couple with unique names and artwork along with the name they choose and the signage that adorns. In 2020 we saw a definite rise in custom watercolors of pets that were added to bar signs. We see no stopping this trend anytime soon.

Custom cocktail wedding signage with pups
Custom designed wedding cocktails signage

Intimate Seating

In the coming year we’ll see a more intimate ceremony and reception setting born out of safety measures. This may include smaller indoor ceremonies with larger outdoor receptions. We’ll see fewer crowds at food stations and more seated dinners. We saw the rise of seated zones and bistro tables in 2020, especially for more intimate celebrations, allowing families to sit together within their own bubble. One exciting addition has been the introduction of individualized charcuterie boards. We hope will stick around for years to come!

Seating charts and escort cards will also remain a priority as guests are seated with safety in mind. While serving as a useful tool, seating charts and escort cards can also provide added beauty, fun, and interest at the reception.

Seating chart wall with live floral monogram

Custom escort cards on floral background
Custom escort cards with blue tassels
Escort cards pinned to boxwood backdrop
Custom escort card wall with leaf ornaments

Surprising textures

Unique texture will take center stage in 2021. From velvet gowns to luxurious linens we’ll not only see a layering of texture but use in surprising ways.

No longer just for bridesmaid’s dresses, velvet is now making its way onto the wedding invitation itself. Ribbons will continue to grace the suite from classic satin to delicate hand-dyed silk. Handmade liners with its varied textures and colors will provide balance for a couple who might seek out a bold touch to a classic invitation suite. We’ll also see natural textures, like sisal grass or leather with its variations in color and texture make its way into the suite.

Custom velvet-backed debossed invitations
Custom sawgrass wedding envelope liner

Bold Accents

Be it suits or stationery, bold colors is a trend that is holding its own. While gray carries on as a reliable accent, we’re seeing bold colors make their way into wedding design.

Soft colors haven’t gone away; however, bolder colors like emerald and plum are popping up in stationery suites in motifs, or the RSVP envelope. It helps to add flare and define mood ever so equally.

Moody green accent colors and RSVP envelope
Deep plum RSVP envelope

At Paper Daisies, a design studio specializing in stationery for big celebrations, we help engaged couples, event planners and celebration hosts bring their unique vision/brand to life. As a small company made up of genuine people pleasers, our designers walk our clients through the process from beginning to end.

We are a Pinterest page come to life, offering a one-stop shop that provides everything from save the dates and invitations to napkins and signage. For clients choosing from our Online Collection, offers an easy way to personalize and place their order with a designer who is ready and excited to get started.

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