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5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning Your Wedding

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With restrictions on large gatherings loosening up, the vaccination-era wedding boom has begun. Venues and vendors all over the US are accommodating bookings as far as late 2022 and early 2023, as couples who have had to put off a big wedding during the pandemic and those who had always intended to marry this year drive up demand. With that in mind, planning your nuptials can feel like a lot of pressure. Here are five questions couples should ask for smooth wedding planning: 1. How many guests should you invite? As soon as you get engaged, couples should start thinking about the guest list. Keep in mind that the wedding venue will often dictate the size of the wedding. To estimate the number of guests you’re going for, start building a list based on the people you can’t imagine not being there for your big day. This helps spell out the difference between people who will DEFINITELY be invited, people who you'd LIKE to invite, and people you'll consider if there's room in the budget/venue. Afterwards, you’ll need to prepare the wedding invitations. A wedding invite is a peek into the celebration that lies ahead, so it should convey the tone and style your guests should expect for your big day. Naturally, an invite should also include the most important details, like the couples’ names, the venue, and the date and time of the event.

2. How much money are you ready to spend? Many couples dream about having a big wedding with all the bells and whistles, but are concerned about the money they’d need to spend. Aside from wedding costs rising every year, couples have other expenses to consider — like buying a home. If you are planning for the long-term, say three years, you still have time to save up. Certified financial planner Michelle Brownstein recommends setting up an investment fund, so you can generate income. Another option is to keep your money in a high-yield savings account. High-yield accounts compound interest rates on your balance, so you can gain additional interest every day. Of course, you can still have a stunning wedding on a tighter budget, but it may require some DIY projects and creativity on your part. If it's in the budget, we highly recommend hiring a wedding planner. They have experience in stretching budgets and prioritizing your "must haves." They can negotiate deals with vendors they’ve worked with before, and guide you through ideas you may not have considered. Even seemingly small details — like hiring a band versus hiring a DJ — can provide more cost-savings than the other, and no one knows better than a wedding planner. 3. Who should be in your wedding party? Both people getting married would need to choose their wedding party well ahead of the big day. Typically, couples choose from their siblings, best friends, and closest family members. You also have to ask a number of questions: How many people do you want in your wedding party? Does the number of people need to match on both sides of the aisle? Do you want them to stand up with you the whole time or sit down to keep the focus on you? How many people can fit in the space around you while you’re saying “I do?”

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You can also include some members of the wedding party by asking them to serve in active roles as ushers or readers. Finally, wedding party costs can add up, so they should be handled with sensitivity and transparency. Be mindful of everyone’s budget, and try to stay upfront about any time-related commitments. You should give your loved ones the option to refuse if they wish. 4. Where should you host the ceremony and reception?

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Given the pandemic restrictions, many people are itching to travel — which is why wedding venue trends are headed towards the beach or other exotic destinations. A destination wedding is any celebration that requires a majority of guests to travel and is planned remotely from another city. Destination weddings are fantastic experiences, but they often come with logistical challenges. Why not plan a local wedding using a travel-inspired theme instead? Another consideration is choosing between indoor and outdoor venues. Outdoor weddings are beautiful, but they’re not always ideal for every season — if you're asking your guests to attend an outdoor fall or winter wedding, consider adding outdoor heaters and blankets to your “must have” list. A backup plan for inclement weather is also something to consider for outdoor weddings; this is why some people choose covered areas like barns and pavilions, or indoor venues like museums and hotels. If you can’t decide, then a fully-equipped wedding tent could be a great backup option too. 5. What do we want the wedding day to feel like? We encourage couples to focus not only on the look but also the feel of their wedding. The ‘feel’ of the wedding may sound unfamiliar, but it’s a great way to narrow down your choices. You will likely start building your mood board with florals and color palettes to match the season or venue, but also consider building on words like ‘cozy’, ‘elegant’, ‘timeless’, ‘adventurous’, ‘romantic’, and so on. Think about details that can describe you as individuals and as a couple, then focus on how to tell your love story through the little things. Once you’ve figured out what really matters to both of you, it'll be easier to narrow down your options to create your wedding vision. It’s important to bring in vendors and suppliers who can really carry the theme you’ve set.

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