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Beyond the Food

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Of all the decisions you make when it comes to your big day, food likely makes its way to the top in order of importance. And what better way to share those essential edible details than with a menu that carries your theme right through to your tablescape

Traditional menus, which simply list the contents of the reception meal, are commonly found at each place setting. Menus often provide the couple another opportunity to showcase their wedding theme with a monogram or design feature that may have been used in their invitation suite. This is often achieved with digital printing on a standard rectangular size. However, if budget allows, unique shapes and high-end press types are worth considering.

Though less common, table-top menus are also an option. These are often framed and located at the center of the table for the seated guests to share. Larger poster-sized menus provide another way to share details and these seem to rising in popularity. The larger menu signs, which are also framed, typically greet guests as they enter the reception or food line.

While a menu’s most important job is to inform your guests of the entrées to come, it’s not uncommon for them to do double-duty. When designed specifically, menus can also serve as place cards. As you might guess, menu place cards direct guests to their specific seat at the table. While menu place cards are typically more expensive than a traditional menu, you can save money when you pair the two together.

Menus can also serve as a key for wait staff when different entrées are being served at the reception. They can be designed with the obvious icons (cow for beef, fish for salmon, and so on). Or if a more subtle look is desired a unique border could be added to the menu to indicate the different dishes.

Whether you include a note of thanks on back or list the order of events for the evening, there are lots of creative ways to make your menu perfect for your wedding! For more inspiration follow us on instagram or visit our website.

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