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Downsizing Your Wedding | COVID19 Pandemic

You found the perfect dress. Your Save the Dates have been sent. The Invitations have gone into production. But then, a pandemic arrives during the months leading up to your wedding day. It was never supposed to look like this but circumstances have forced you to rethink the size of your wedding. And more specifically, your wedding guest count.

Guest lists can change for many reasons but rarely is it ever due to global crisis. Today, couples who have been directly impacted by the pandemic have had to rethink what their big day will now look like. For some, it has required them to reduce the number of guests invited to the wedding.

Reducing the guest list could be necessary for a variety of reasons. Each state currently has different restrictions and what is happening in your state now could be very different in another. As a result, venues may have certain conditions they need to follow. Other venues are building upon state guidelines to create their own set of rules to keep themselves and their guests as safe as possible. In addition, with the change in the economy, unforeseen financial pressures may require a couple to rethink the size of their wedding.

Lisa Hladish, Owner of Paper Daisies Stationery, recommends that if you do need to alter your guest list, particularly after guests have received a Save the Date and/or an Invitation, that you follow these 3 steps in moving forward:

Best to be honest and genuine

These are unprecedented times with no real playbook for how or what to do. With the restrictions on gathering size it should not come as a big surprise for most guests. Your sincere message will go a long way.

No need to over explain

There is certainly no need to share with your guests exactly why this is happening. As noted above, a sincere and honest message is key. The language below is just one way to share the news.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances and after much consideration we have made the difficult decision to pare down our wedding ceremony. As a result we cannot accommodate as many of our friends and family as we had hoped. We wish you could be but we know you’ll celebrate with us from afar.”

Get the word out ASAP

It is important to share with guests as soon as you have made your decision. While so much of life has been on hold for every one they will surely appreciate the notice sooner than later. Especially for those folks who have to book anything where deposits can’t be returned.

Downsizing the guest count is no easy decision. But if necessary, we suggest you consider the previous steps above. And if you need assistance in designing postponement cards, elopement announcements or cards that will thoughtfully describe the newly downsized event we invite you to chat with us online or email us.


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