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Understanding a Wedding Brand

What is a wedding brand?

A wedding brand refers to a cohesive visual story that is woven throughout the wedding experience. Often introduced with the Save the Date, a good brand will repeat important elements to build its identity and set the tone of the wedding. When successfully applied, guests will begin to identify and understand the overarching theme, even before they arrive.

Inspiration for the wedding brand or wedding theme can come from a variety of places. Some couples may draw inspiration from trips they’ve taken together, perhaps an engagement in Paris. Others may choose to build their wedding theme around the event season.

Many couples choose to have custom monograms designed. These work like logos of big brands and are often woven throughout all paper products.

And yet others are influenced by specific florals, patterns or a simple modern motif that may guide a strong theme throughout.

Once the design inspiration for the wedding brand is developed it will be applied throughout. Oftentimes the design is introduced with the Save the Dates. It may just be through color or script fonts. The invitations will certainly be a place where the wedding brand is further introduced if not strongly carried through.

In the days leading up to the event you’ll often see elements of the brand used in the welcome boxes for guests. It will show up on the box tags as well as stickers for branded items inside.

On the wedding day you’ll see the wedding brand carried throughout in the signage, programs and menus. You’ll also see it in napkins, koozies, cups and matches.

Visit our online shop for wedding brand inspiration or to see how it can be applied throughout!

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