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Building your Wedding Itinerary

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

You’ve put countless hours into planning the perfect wedding weekend. Now it’s time to share those key events with your special guests. To do so, we recommend a wedding itinerary or as it is sometimes referred to, a welcome note. Oftentimes wedding itineraries are paired with a gift box or small favor to greet your guests when they arrive at their hotel.

As you begin to think about your wedding itinerary we recommend that you consider the following 5 key pieces of information.

First of all, begin with a lovingly written note to welcome your guests. There is no better way to kick-off the weekend than by sharing your true appreciation for the journey that your guests have made.

After your initial greeting it’s important to identify the key weekend activities. This should include the date, time and location for each event. Oftentimes this will include details about the Rehearsal Dinner, a Welcome Party (if there is one), the Wedding itself and the Reception. And, if only certain guests are invited (such as the wedding party only) then it’s important to highlight that as well.

Along with a list of key activities it’s also essential to include any travel considerations for the weekend. Some weddings will have a shuttle to and from the hotel for different events. It’s especially important to share those shuttle times. There are also some locations that might be better suited for guests to arrive by Lyft or Uber while other locations may require specific details around parking.

Fourth on the list for wedding itinerary must-haves is the couple’s favorite spots to visit in town. This will be especially nice for those who are unfamiliar with the city. Adding favorite or conveniently located restaurants is sure to be appreciated. And add in a few of your favorite spots or tourist destinations for those who are spending a few extra days in town. It might also be helpful to include a map of the area. These often double as beautiful artwork.

And finally, if you have a planner or month of, or day of coordinator, include their contact info somewhere on the note. This will allow your guests to contact someone other than you with any questions about the weekend.

Get started on yours today by visiting our online shop of itineraries.

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