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How To Word Your Wedding Invitations

Example diagram of wedding invitation and each line is labeled

The wedding invitation is the first glimpse guests get into the joyous celebration of your special day. As you plan the most memorable event of your life, crafting the perfect wedding invitation becomes crucial. The wording of your invitations sets the tone and conveys the style and formality of the event. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the art of wording wedding invitations.

The Basics of Wedding Invitation Wording

Start with the essentials. Your wedding invitation should include key information that your guests will need to know - such as the names of the hosts, the couple getting married, date, time, venue, and attire!

The Host Line

Traditionally, the hosts' names appear (aka who is paying for the wedding) at the beginning of the invitation. Whether it's the couple, the parents, or both who are hosting the wedding, introduce them with elegance and clarity.

When the bride's parents are hosting you might write -

"Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

request the pleasure of your company

at the marriage of their daughter..."

When the couple is hosting -

"Together with their families..."


"You are invited to celebrate the marriage of..."

For those who have divorced parents who are both hosting

"Mr. and Mrs. John Smith


Mr. and Mrs. James Doe

invite you to celebrate the marriage of"


"Mr. John Smith

along with Ms. Jane Doe

request the pleasure of your company"

Pro tip: It's always best to ask the hosts how they would like their names listed on the invitation!

Photography Credits: Dash Photography, Laura Stone

The Request Line

This line is where you & the hosts will be inviting your guests to your wedding.

If your wedding is formal, use more formal language to reflect the occasion

"...request the honor of your presence"

If your wedding is taking place in a house of worship, you will use the British spelling of the word honor

"...request the honour of your presence"

For a more warm tone, you can use

"request the pleasure of your company"

The Action Line

This line is where you will list what your guests will be sharing with you

Traditionally, with the bride’s parents hosting

“At the marriage of their daughter.”

If both couple's parents are hosting

“At the marriage of their children.”

If you’re hosting yourselves

"At the celebration of their marriage"

The Couple's Names

This line may seem like the easy part but there are a few different ways to list the names. There are no hard and fast rules, it's really what you feel comfortable listing!

For different-sex couples, the bride’s name typically goes first, followed by the groom’s name.

If the bride’s parents’ names are listed at the top as the hosts, the bride’s name can just be her first and middle name, especially if they share the same last name. The groom's name will be listed as first, middle, & last name.

If you are wanting to honor the groom's parents, you will put the groom's first & middle name followed by "Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Smith"

For same-sex couples, you can list them in alphabetical order or what looks best with the overall invitation design

Photography Credits: Laura Stone

Date and time

The date should be listed as the day, month and then the year. It should be spelled out fully with the day and month capitalized. There should be no "and" when spelling out the year

"Saturday, the ninth of April

two thousand twenty-six"

The time should be spelled out as well.

"at four o'clock in the afternoon"


"at half after four o'clock in the afternoon"

Evening is typically listed as after 5pm

"at six o'clock in the evening"

Venue and location

The ceremony venue is written as "Venue Name" and then "City, State" on the next line. Depending on the style & design of your invitation these may be listed as "Venue Name | City, State"

The addresses aren't typically included on the invitation, unless it is a private residence that guests cannot search on a GPS from the venue name.

Photography Credits: Vue Photo, Carla Gates, Paige Molina

Reception line

If the ceremony & reception will be held at the same location, you can simply write "Reception to follow" or "Dinner and dancing to follow"

If the reception is at at different location, you can list the venue name underneath the "Reception to follow" line or some couples choose to do a separate reception enclosure card. This is particularly helpful if the reception will be held a few hours after the ceremony is over.

Optional - Attire

If you are planning on the attire of the wedding to be black tie (optional or preferred) we recommend listing this on the invitation. This way it will be clear to your guests that they are expected to wear tuxedos & dark suits or floor length dresses.

You may also list Formal Attire, Cocktail Attire, or Morning Dress on the invitation as well.

There are so many ways your wedding invitations can be worded! Still overwhelmed and confused? Let us help you order your wedding stationery and get expert help with your invitation wording!

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