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Watercolor for your Wedding

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Watercolor paintings have been gaining in popularity for weddings over the recent years and it’s no wonder why! These custom pieces are nothing short of meaningful artwork that the couple is sure to cherish well into the future. If you are considering a custom watercolor piece but not quite sure how to incorporate let us recommend 3 favorite ways to use artwork in your wedding details.

The Wedding Site or Venue

Some of our favorite watercolor paintings have been of wedding venues! This could focus on a beautiful scenic landscape near the wedding site. Or it could be a painting of the church or building where your vows will be exchanged. Whether submitted by our clients or painted in-house, we have used these watercolors on everything from the save the dates and invitations to programs, itineraries and coasters.

A Map of the Area

Another great way to apply a watercolor is in the form of a map. Watercolor maps will sometimes appear in the wedding invitation suite but more commonly they’ll show up in the welcome box as part of the itinerary set as a way to help guests find their way around (read more about welcome boxes). Custom watercolor maps not only add a great deal of soft color to any stationery set but they can also add a bit of whimsy too!

Custom Drawing of your Pet

And last but most certainly not least is the watercolor of the client’s best friend {the furry one, that is!). These are favorites and such a great keepsake for the couple. And while some artwork such as line drawings and/or silhouettes of animals have been used on single color items such as napkins, can coolers, etc. the watercolor artwork will often make its debut on custom signs, cocktail signs, and more!

We have an amazing team of in-house and contracted artists who LOVE to paint, so if you are looking for a custom watercolor for your wedding contact us for a quote.

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